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Modern brief style furniture features and matching skills introduced
Source: | Author:pmoa50e11 | Published time: 2017-05-25 | 1955 Views | Share:
现代简约的装修风格越来越受到广大装修业主喜欢,简洁的色调以及干净的整体搭配更是好看又经典。而且现代简约风给喜欢任何风格的人来说都是一种非常舒适的感受,可以说是白搭家居风格。下面一起来看看现代简约风格家具特点及搭配技巧介绍。Modern minimalist decoration style more and more by the owners like decoration, simple colors and clean overall collocation is more beautiful and classic. But the modern minimalist style to love any style of people is a very comfortable feeling, can be said to be no good Home Furnishing style. Here, take a look at the modern minimalist style furniture features and matching skills introduced.
Characteristics of modern minimalist furniture
Modern simple style furniture features 1, due to simple lines, less decorative elements, modern style furniture needs a perfect soft fit, to show the beauty. For example, the sofa needs cushions, the table needs cloth, the bed needs curtains and bed sheets, and the soft fittings are the key to the modern wind decoration.
Modern minimalist style furniture features 2, advocated in the limited space to maximize the use of performance. The choice of furniture that form follows function, everything from the practical point of view, additional redundant decoration waste, so. Simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life.
The characteristics of modern style furniture, 3, emphasize functional design, simple and smooth lines, strong color contrast, this is the characteristics of modern style furniture.
Modern simple style furniture features 4, no matter how large the room, must be spacious. Do not need cumbersome decoration and too much furniture, in the decoration and layout to maximize the overall coordination of space and furniture.  The modeling uses geometric structure, which is the style of modern minimalism and fashion.
The characteristics of modern minimalist style furniture 5, the extensive use of glass, stainless steel and other new materials as auxiliary materials, common decoration is a modern style of furniture, can bring the avant-garde, unrestrained feeling.
Modern minimalist style furniture collocation skills
Furniture in the living room
Living room furniture should be based on the activities and functional properties of room layout, one of the most basic, is the minimum requirement is a group of rest, talk, use the table design including the seat (usually a sofa), and the corresponding, such as video, audio, books, audio-visual materials, appliances and other equipment and beverage according to the requirements of other activities, from single or complex degree room, add the corresponding furniture and equipment.
Furniture collocation on balcony
Now the house, almost every household has one or two balcony, different residential, balcony although narrow, different sizes, but better than none. In considering room decoration, do not forget to beautify the balcony. Ventilation, ventilation, lighting, cooling, drying, drying material, nature is some functions of the balcony. But besides these, potted flowers and plants adorn the life more beautiful, also be the important latent function that balcony cannot ignore.
Dining room furniture
The restaurant furnishings should also be beautiful, practical, xinshounianlai, randompacking. All kinds of decorative products are different because of their dining environment. The decoration of the dining room set up in the kitchen shall be coordinated with the facilities in the kitchen. Set in the living room in the restaurant, should pay attention to the living room and the unity of function and style, if the restaurant is an independent type, may be in accordance with the overall living pattern design easy romantic, relatively independent, decoration of the restaurant, the greater freedom.